Selwerd Internet Information Desk


Whom these pages are for

The residents of the Selwerd appartment buildings in Groningen who are connected to the FLITS network, provided by the RuG. These pages concern you if you live in either Selwerd 1 (blue, KNS), Selwerd 2 (red, EDL) or Selwerd 3 (yellow, DDS) and you wish to use, or are using, the internet.

What you can find here

These pages will contain information on roughly the following topics:

News and messages

March 2013 we will move to another provider: Ziggo.

The frost caused some delays. Digging was prohibited and fast Internet wants fibers.
The switch for Eendrachtskade was planned at Wednesday March 27, for Van Heemskerckstraat at March 28.
A problem with a DHCP server caused some further delay, only Eendrachtskade 6-10 have switched to Ziggo around March 27. Further info would be appreciated.

Selwerd 2 has switched at Tuesday, April 9; Selwerd 3 at April 10. Selwerd 1 will switch at Thursday April 18.

After the switch you will have to make some changes to your internet settings. There is a short guide: Manual internet EN.pdf.