Selwerd Internet Information Desk

Rules and regulations

Rules you need to adhere to

Because the RuG uses Surfnet, the rules of Surfnet apply here as well. The rules are the following in short. If you want to read the original, complete document, download the AUP.

  1. You will receive an IP from the RuG, which you are expected to use. If you use a different IP, whether by accident or on purpose, your internet connection can be shut down because of 'spoofing'. If you have doubts about whether you're using the right IP or not, check the list you've received from the R.C.
  2. You are not allowed to perform any commercial activities using your internet connection. This includes offering shell-accounts or webspace for money, or the development of any activity where your internet connection might benefit you financially.
  3. Having a server, in any form, is not allowed. Neither is it allowed to set up or have an anonymous FTP server, mail-, DNS-, or Proxyserver.
  4. It's illegal to offer music, software, games or movies which are protected under copyright law. This includes the use of Kazaa-like programs, but also the use of windows network sharing or some kind of warez-server.
  5. The use of the RuG network for hacking, or harming other persons, hosts or networks in any other way is prohibited. If a complaint is filed about your system being used for hack-attempts, your internet connection can be shut down. This will happen even if you're not the hacker yourself, but your system is abused by someone else. It is your own responsibility at all times to protect your system and avoid misuse at all times.
  6. It is illegal to spread or promote malware in any form. If you are infected with e.g. a virus or a trojan, you can infect the entire network. To prevent this from happening, your connection will be shut down as soon as other systems detect that your system is trying to spread malware.
  7. You are not allowed to send out large quantities of unsolicited e-mail, commonly known as spam. Your connection will be shut down upon establishing that your system is sending out spam, whether that is by your own doing or because your system is being poorly protected and can be misused by others to send spam.

Upon violation of these rules you are risking a shutdown of your internet for the period of one month. If your connection is closed for the second or third time this can be for a longer period, up to permanent closure. If you have any questions or doubts, contact the helpdesk through e-mail.